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Honolulu Sunday Advertiser
September 14, 1958

LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS LEADERS -- From left are Mrs. Elizabeth Wray, first vice president; Mrs. Joseph R. Smith, president; Mrs. Grace H. Smith, chairman of Voters Service Committee, and Mrs. Arlen M. Scott, second vice president. All are active in pre-election projects.

Service To Voters

Vote Wisely

Know The Candidates

Know The Issues

Advocating these slogans, the Honolulu League of Women Voters is out to "give the voter a hand" prior to balloting time.

"Providing citizens with accurate, non-partisan information about candidates, election issues and voting procedures is a community service established nearly 40 years ago by the League of Women Voters of the United States, says Mrs. Joseph R. Smith, president of the local organization.

Most important phase of the Voters Service Committee's work is the preparation of questionnaires now being answered by Oahu candidates for Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, City and County offices and Territorial House and Senate seats.

After each candidate has answered questions compiled by the Voters Service Committee, he or she will be interviewed by members. Results of the league's research will be published in The Honolulu Advertiser.

"The non-partisanship of the league leaves it free to stress the importance of qualifications for public office, to examine issues on their merits and to encourage all citizens to vote," said Mrs. Smith.

Under the direction of Mrs. Grace H. Smith, chairman of the Voters Service Committee, about 25 league members are at work on the questionnaire project alone.

Another group is sponsoring an open house meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the YWCA. Speakers will be Robert Fukuda, chairman of the Republican 1958 convention platform committee, and Robert Cates, Oahu Democratic party chairman. They will speak on their respective party platforms, and there will be a question and answer period.

MAKING COPIES -- Miss Margaret Wright, treasurer of the League of Women Voters, operates duplicating machine which turns out multiple copies of "Service for voters" information compiled by women of the league.

TALLYING ANSWERS -- Mrs. Mildred Kosaki, left, and Mrs. Karl van der Veur, recording secretary of the league, compile information gathered in Candidates' Questionnaires prepared by Voters Service Committee.

Photographs by T. Umeda

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