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Honolulu League Sponsors Candidates' Rally
Oct. 15, 1958


Women Voters To Sponsor Rally - Advertiser - Oct. 14, 1958
Women Voters To Sponsor Rally Tomorrow Night - Star-Bulletin - Oct. 14, 1958
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Honolulu Advertiser, October 14, 1958

Women Voters To Sponsor Rally

Candidates of all parties who are running for Mayor or the Board of Supervisors are expected to attend a public rally at Aliiolani School tomorrow night.

The rally is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Honolulu. Aliiolani School is in Kaimuki at 3220 Waialae Ave. The rally will begin at 7:30 p.m

Honolulu Star Bulletin, October 14, 1958

Women Voters To Sponsor Rally Tomorrow Night

The League of Women Voters will hold its annual gall-party" rally for Mayor and Supervisor candidates of all political parties tomorrow night at Aliiolani School.

The rally will start at 7:30 p.m., and candidates will speak in order of arrival.

Candidates of all three parties -- Republican, Democrat and Commonwealth will appear on the program

Honolulu Star Bulletin (?), October 14, 1958

In One Ear by Bob Krauss

And that's not all. A member of the League of Wimmin Voters called up to say somebody has stolen their banner from the fence at Aliiolani School. The banner advertises a non-partisan political rally at 7: 30 p.m. tomorrow at the school auditorium.

As things stand now, this rally shapes up to be the outstanding dramatic and entertainment event of the week with 16 (count 'em, 16) candidates for the board of supervisors and all three candidates for mayor scheduled to speak.

To give you a general idea of what to expect, League member Virginia Ransburg composed a limerick for the occasion. To wit:

Do you want Honolulu to grow?

With improvements that really do show?

Then hear these boys speak

Of the jobs that they seek

And decide just how much they all know.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 15, 1958

Political Calendar - TODAY -

Rally for all candidates, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. 7:30 p.m. at Aliiolani School, 3220 Waialae Avenue.

Honolulu Star Bulletin, October 15, 1958


Editor the Star-Bulletin: The League of Women Voters of Honolulu will hold a non-partisan rally tonight, October 15. at Aliiolani School Auditorium, Sixth and Waialae Avenues, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The League is a national, non-partisan organization, established to encourage citizen participation in government.

At this time of the year, the League's efforts are largely directed toward "giving the voter a hand."

We questioned candidates on some of the more important issues of City-County and Territorial government prior to the primary election. At the rally tonight, the public may see, hear, and question all candidates for Mayor and Board of Supervisors. The League will distribute biographical material about the candidates from information received in their questionnaires.

The League neither supports nor opposes candidates-only issues.

We welcome your co-operation and that of all public spirited citizens in our efforts to achieve good government.

Chairman, Candidates Rally

1958 RALLY - 7:30
Aliiolani School
October 15, 1958

Greetings from the President and introduction of the Moderator. Dr. Frank Ricker, moderator introduced the Time Keeper, Mrs. Grace Smith and gave instructions to the candidates concerning time allotment and order of appearance.

Question and answer period.

Cards were given to those wishing to ask questions by members of the League, who also collected them and sent them to the moderator.

Terza Miller in charge of Candidates' table and hostesses.




The following information, taken from League questionnaires, was supplied by the Candidates.



Age: 56. Education: St. Louie College, U. of Hawaii, Bucknell University

Occupational Experience: Teacher, Athletic Director, Executive Administrator.

Public Offices Held: Representative, Senator, Director of Public Welfare, Mayor.

Civic Activities : Member Board of Directors Child and Family Service, Community Youth Committee; St. Louis and U. of Hawaii Alumni Assoc., Sigma Chi Fraternity.


Age: 52. Education: High School - soph.

Occupational Experience: Engineering, Ship drafting; Construction, Plumbing, Carpentering, Electrical, Painting, Refrigeration etc.

Public Offices held: None

Civic Activities: None at present.


Age : 51. Education: Paauilo School, Punahou, U. of Hawaii.

Occupational Experience: Civil Engineer, Builder, Construction Supt.

Public Offices held: City-County Chief Engineer.

Civic Activities: Director Hawaii Civic Club, Order of Kamehameha,

Aiea Community Association; Aiea PTA.



Age: 53. Education: Grammar, High School in Hagerstown, Mid. Special curriculum, University of Hawaii.

Occupational Experience: Restaurant, Hotel and Retail Sales Manager, New York City, Washington, D. C. Former Teacher-Coordinator in business education, DPI. Real Estate Brokerage, 1953 to present. Member Society of Residential Appraisers.

Public Offices Held: Chairman, Campaign Activities Committee, Oahu League of Republican Women.

Civic Activities: Member Professional Women's Club; Graduate, School of Politics; Pres. Republican Precinct Club, Waimanalo, 1953-57; Vice President, Oahu League of Republican Women (resigned).


Age: 68. Education: Honolulu Public Schools and New York Institute of Photography.

Occupational Experience: Over forty years in own business.

Public Offices Held: Member of Territorial Board of Photography.

Civic Activities: ---


Age: 39. Education: B. A. University of Hawaii; LL. B. degree U. of Colorado.

Occupational Experience: Attorney at Law.

Public Offices Held: Board of Supervisors; past member of Territorial Labor and Industrial relations Appeal Board.

Civic Activities: Past President Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce; Member and past Pres. Board of Managers of Kaimuki YMCA; Past member Board of Directors Volunteer Service Bureau; Iolani. School PTA; Hawaii Economics Study Club; Bar Ass'n of Hawaii.


Age: 36. Education: Stanford, and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Occupational Experience: Insurance agent; former office equipment salesman; Market Analyst; Production worker in several plants.

Public Offices Held: None

Civic Activities: HVB Warriors Club; Cancer Drive.


Age: 37. Education: Mid-Pacific Institute; University of Hawaii; Columbia College; Columbia Law School.

Occupational Experience: Attorney in private practice.

Public Offices Held: House of Representatives 1955-6; Supervisor 1957-8.

Civic Activities: M.P.I. Alumni President, 1953; 442 Club President 1953; YMCA Advisory Board, 1956-present.

HEEN, EARNEST (D) No information received.


Age: 40. Education: High School

Occupational Experience: Transportation business and Real Estate. Public Offices Held: None

Civic Activities: Business.

JOSEPHSON, MITCHEL (C) No information received.


Age: 42. Education: Hilo High School

Occupational Experience'. Real Estate and Insurance

Public Offices Held: City and County Board of Supervisors. Civic Activities:


Age: 58. Educational Experience: Punahou High School, St. Mary's College.

Occupational Experience: Telephone Engineer

Public Offices Held: Supervisor

Civic Activities: Former member of Hawaiian Homes Commission.


Age: 45. Education: High School Graduate -St. Louis College.

Occupational Experience: 20 years Government experience, 17 in Executive capacity.

Public Offices Held: Supervisor 2 years.

Civic activities: Member Kaimuki Lions Club and Star of the Sea PTA.


Age: 41. Education: St. Louis College '35; Santa Clara University '39, Ph. B.

Occupational Experience: Certified Public Accountant.

Public Offices Held: Board of Supervisors, two terms. Chairman, Territorial Civil Service Commission.

Civic Activities: Past Officer: Hawaiian Civic Club, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Hawaiian Association of Public Accountants.


Age: 36. Education: Maui High School, U. of Hawaii, Geo. Washington University Law School.

Occupational Experience: Attorney, Businessman

Public Offices Held: None

Civic Activities: 442nd Vets Club, U. of Hawaii Alumni, Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce, Hawaii- Jaycees.


Age: 52. Education: 4 yrs. "Volkschule", 6 yrs. "Realschule" in Germany.

Occupational Experience, Public Offices Held, Civic Activities:

T.H. Law Enforcement Officer since 1936. Probation Officer and Criminal Investigator of all crimes of which he has personal knowledge, ranging from petty larceny to Murder and Treason.


Age 35. Education: University of Chicago Law School, U of Hawaii, Waialua High School

Occupational Experience: Attorney

Public Offices Held: Supervisors three terms. Civic Activities: Hawaii Bar Association, 442nd Veterans


Age: 37. Education: George Washington University Law School, (LL.B. 1951.)

Occupational Experience: Attorney

Public Offices Held: Assistant Public Prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General.

Civic Activities: Pres. Kalia Lions Club, Past Pres. Honolulu Junior Chamber of Commerce; Past Pres. Opera Guild of Hawaii; General Chairman 1957 49th State Fair.



Board Candidates Emphasize Charter, Taxes

Mayor Blaisdell and 12 of 16 candidates for the Board of Supervisors last night appealed for votes at a nonpartisan rally sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Blaisdell was the only one of three candidates for Mayor who appeared before a crowd of more than 100 at Aliiolani School Auditorium.

William C. Vannatta, Democratic candidate for Mayor, reached the hall a few minutes after the meeting ended.

Mrs. Blanche Smith, president of the League of Women Voters, opened the meeting and introduced the Reverand Frank G. Ricker, minister of the First Unitarian Church, as guest moderator and chairman,

Speakers were presented in the order in which they had arrived at the auditorium and "reported for duty."

Mayor Blaisdell said his administration has achieved "good. sound, effective leadership" and that it has taken care of Honolulu's present needs and planned for the future,

He also emphasized that the City is in sound financial condition, and that its credit standing for sale of bonds is excellent.

Masato Doi, a Democrat seeking a second term as Supervisor, criticized the proposed City Charter for providing that a majority of Supervisors be elected from districts.

A majority should he elected at large, Doi said, adding, however, he will support the Charter.

Clesson Y. Chikasuye, seeking re-election as a Democrat, urged more effective operation of the City to stretch tax dollars farther.

Chikasuye cited Honolulu's present bond program and construction of multistory school buildings as recent accomplishments.

On Char, a Republican, urged improved parking facilities and suggested that "idle' money in the City coffers be put to work drawing interest.

Katsugo Miho, Republican seeking his first public office, said he is running "to participate in the orderly planning of Honolulu."

Miho said he favors a civic auditorium on the Ward property and development of beaches for the public.

Richard M. Kageyama, incumbent Democrat, asserted his opposition to the proposed new Charter.

Don Conway. a Republican, said there are too many Democratic Supervisors for effective general representation.

Blanche E. Belt, Republican and only woman municipal candidate, said she would seek new industries for Hawaii and work toward improved roads, parks and playgrounds.

Incumbent Eugene F. Kennedy, Republican, said he favored using schools for as many purposes as possible as long as regular education isn't interfered with.

Kennedy said he also favors leaving the Board of Water Supply independent of the Board of Supervisors.

This opinion conflicted with that of Herman G. P. Lempke, another incumbent Democrat, who said the B.W.S. should be directly responsible to the Mayor, and therefore should be under the Board.

Gottfried Seitz. the only Commonwealth candidate; who appeared. mentioned l "22 years as a law officer" and promised to serve as a public "watch dog" on the Board.

Ernest Y. Yamane and Lester Irish, both Republicans, also spoke on their plans and personal biographies.

Noble K. Kauhane. incumbent Democrat, and Ernest N. Heel, also a Democrat, were unable to attend and were represented by their daughters -- Mrs. Eileen Lota and Claire Heen.

Honolulu Advertiser (?), THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1958

First Time Issue Raised in Campaign

Mayor Feels Gallas Case Settled

Mayor Blaisdell told an audience of more than 100 voters in Kaimuki last night that he considers the Nesta Gallas case has been settled "by a committee appointed by me."

The Mayor spoke on the subject in answer to a question. It was the first time the Gallas issue has been publicly raised in the current election campaign.

* * *

BLAISDELL WAS asked if he felt Mrs. Gallas, the former City civil service director who was fired by the Civil Service Commission last December, bad done a capable job.

"As a technician. she did," Blaisdell said. But. lie said there had been "conflict between the staff and line" agencies in civil service which "prompted the commission to take the action It did."

He noted that his committee on the Gallas firing found the commission acted legally and, in the minds of the commissioners, In the best public interest, although the committee felt the firing had been improperly done.

* * *

THE MAYOR was one of 18 City and County candidates who appeared last night at a meeting in Aliiolani School sponsored by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters. The candidates were from all three parties - Republican, Democrat, and Commonwealth.

Democratic Mayor candidate William C. Vannatta did not appear.

Herman G. P. Lemke, running for reelection to the Board of Supervisors, a Democrat, said that with an estimated 5,000 children a year being added to school system, the City faces a $5 million a year school construction program.

* * *

"SOONER OR LATER," he said, "we're going to have to find the courage to raise this money in taxes and go on a pay as you go basis. We just can't keep on floating bonds to build schools."

Supervisor Richard Kageyama, another Democrat seeking reelection, criticized the government tendency to have studies made and then "file the recommendations because there isn't any money to carry them out.

"Let's find the money first, then get recommendations, and put that recommendations into use," Kageyama said to considerable applause.

* * *

GOTTFRIED SEITZ, Commonwealth candidate for supervisor, played openly to the women's vote, citing historical precedence for "the importance of women in the councils of the community."

Seitz said he wanted to become "your watchdog in the City and County for the remainder of my natural life. As a law officer for 22 years, I have noticed that many of our troubles, particularly financial troubles, are due to lack of honesty," Seitz said.

* * *

SUPERVISOR Eugene Kennedy, the only Republican running for re-election, suggested money could be saved on school construction by concealing the the amount of money available for a school building when the project is put out to architects for design.

On Char, Republican board candidate, said if more parking isn't provided downtown "Chinatown is liable to become a ghost town."

* * *

REPUBLICAN board candidate Katsugo Miho said he wanted to help make Honolulu "the most, beautiful flowering tree city in the world" through a program of planting flowering shade trees along streets throughout the city.

Mrs. Blanche Bent, another Republican for the hoard, said she, knew from being born and raised on the Mainland that Honolulu needs beautifying in comparison with Mainland cities.

* * *

OTHER CANDIDATES appearing were Supervisor Masato Doi, Republican board candidate Lester Irish, Supervisor Clesson Chikasuye, Republican board candidates Don Conway and Ernest Yamane, Harold Boyd, Republican candidate for treasurer, Alfred Apaka Sr., Republican candidate for auditor, and Claire Heen speaking for Democratic board candidate Ernest Heen, and Eileen Lota, speaking for Supervisor Noble Kauhane.

Editorial, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Oct. 17, 1958

Useful Service to the Voters

In staging its non-partisan rally Wednesday night, the League of Women Voters of Honolulu has performed a distinct and useful service in this general election campaign.

The rally at the Aliiolani School Auditorium Wednesday night drew more than a hundred listeners.

That's more than most of the party rallies held during the primary campaign.

Keen interest by the audience was manifest when the municipal candidates who were present and spoke were later available for questions. The question period ran briskly for more than half an hour, and some pointed and appropriate queries were fired at the candidates.

Because the League of Women Voters of Honolulu is a local organization, it will not hold a similar rally for candidates for the Territorial Legislature. However. these candidates have been queried on various issues and the League has compiled a resume of the answers.

In tomorrow's Star-Bulletin there will be a letter from the League president, telling how to get this information.

Editorial, Honolulu Advertiser (?), Oct. 18, 1958

A Public Service to Oahu's Voters

As another in a long series of public services. the League of Women Voters of Honolulu invited City-County candidates to speak to six suggested topics at a non-partisan rally Wednesday evening at Aliiolani School.

The turnout of voters was disappointingly small, but those who did attend had an excellent opportunity to form opinions about the candidates for the City government.

The candidates worked under a strictly-enforced time handicap, which prevented them from going specifically into some of. the points which they obviously would have liked to develop. But to allow more time to each candidate would have extended the meeting far beyond practical limits.

The high level of the speeches Wednesday night suggested that candidates might profitably carry on along the same lines and speak to a variety of specific issues in consecutive talks during the approaching general election rally campaign.

It would do much to illuminate the issues for the voters, and help to insure an informed electorate on November 6.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin , Oct.22 (?), 1958



Editor the Star-Bulletin: Prior to the Primary Election the League of Women Voters of Honolulu circulated questionnaires to the City-County candidates and to the Territorial candidates of Oahu on important issues.

The League has replies from approximately 100 per cent of those running for City-County offices, also 100 per cent from the Senate candidates. About 70 per cent of the candidates for the House answered the questionnaire.

In order to make the information available, League members will answer telephone calls on the evenings of October 31. November 1, 2 and 3. Please call one of these numbers: 995-188 (Laura Draper); 851-943 (Grace Smith); or 78-897 (Alison MacBride).

The League of Women Voters is non-partisan. It does not support or oppose any candidate or party. The purpose of the League questionnaire is to give the public an opportunity to get acquainted with the men and women who are running for office, and to allow the candidates an opportunity to express to the voters their views on issues of major importance.

BLANCHE W. SMITH, President,
League of Women Voters of Honolulu (97-193)

Honolulu Advertiser , Oct. 22, 1958


Editor The Advertiser.

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu is making available to the voters of Oahu, information from questionnaires they circulated to City-County candidates and Oahu Territorial candidates.

This information may be obtained by calling one of these numbers: 995-188 (Laura Draper); 931-934 (Grace Smith); or 78-897 (Alison MacBride) ; evening hours beginning October 31 through November to General Election.

The purpose of League questionnaires is to give the public an opportunity to get acquainted with men and women who are running for office, and to allow candidates an opportunity to express to voters their views on issues of major importance.

President, Telephone 97193

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