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LWV of Kaua'i County - Public Forum

Lack of Voting Rights in our Nationís Capital

LIHUE, KAUA'I – The League of Women Voters of Kaua'i County will hold an event this week, on Saturday, April 21, aimed at raising awareness about the lack of full votng rights for citizens living in Washington, D. C. League spokesperson, Jeanette Senecal, said,

"DC is home to nearly 600,000 people of all backgrounds, with 120 distinct neighborhods each having its own distinct cultural heritage. Yet, DC taxpayers have no voting rights in Congress. This issue must be addressed by the entire nation, and all in Hawai'i may relate to this inequity."

The democratic injustice of this issue will be addressed in an open forum that will include the topic of prison voting rights. Coordinator of the Community Alliance on Prisons on Oahu, Kat Brady, will join this forum.

"The lack of voting rights for disenfranchised groups affect us all," Brady said, "If we really wanted to increase civic literacy and help people become engaged in our community, we would extend the right to vote to all our people, especially those who have lost their way."

WHO: Jeannette Senecal and Kat Brady
WHAT: A free public forum held by the League of Women Voters
WHERE: Aloha Beach Hotel Kaua'i (near Wailua River) -Piikoi Room
WHEN: Saturday, April 21, 1:00 pm
WHY: To raise awareness about the lack of full voting rights for citizens living in our nation's capitol.

This event is sponsored by the League of Women Voters Education Fund and the Government of the District of Columbia. Those who would like to attend the luncheon ($25 buffet), email KLWV@kauai.net or phone (808)-332-7447 to RSVP. For more information:

(Hawaii) Susan Irvine (808)935 8080 irviner002@hawaii.rr.com
(Kauai) Carol Bain (808)246-2111 KLWV@kauai.net

NOTE: Jeanette Senecal will also address this topic on Oahu Monday, April 23, at League office, 49 South Hotel Street #314, Honolulu. RSVP to confirm seating. 808-531-7448.

Jeanette M. Senecal joined the LWV in 1999 as part of the e-Democracy team and is currently the Director of Elections and e-Democracy of the League of Women Voters Education Fund. Prior to joining the LWV, Ms. Senecalís work with the International Womenís Forum provided her with a great deal of experience working in multi-cultural environments and on community improvement issues. Ms. Senecal has a B.A. in government and environmental studies from St. Lawrence University and a Masters degree in international affairs from George Washington University.
Kat Brady, Coordinator, Community Alliance on Prisons Kat Brady is a justice advocate who is actively engaged in bringing the communityís voice into venues where it has rarely been heard. She works to increase civic literacy, public participation, and to reform public policy. Her areas of focus include environmental and social justice issues.

Katís deeply held beliefs in the values of aloha 'aina, malama 'aina, kuleana, and laulima drive her passion for justice and positive social change.

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