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August 2005
President's Message (Marianna Scheffer)
Minutes for LWV Hawaii County Annual Meeting - 4/9/05 (Maiden Temple)
Proposal for Legislative Advocates (David Holzman)
Message from Lois Cecil, Our Past Co-President (Lois Cecil)

Message from Lois Cecil, Our Past Co-President

Aloha to all members of Hawaii Island League of Women Voters! As we start our 20052006 year, may I share a few things I’ve come to appreciate so much from my experience over the last two years?

I know, I’ve already thanked you for your support as immediate past co-president. I want you also to know how lucky we are to have Marianna take the helm. Summer is slow-going, but she already is planning a board meeting on August 10th and a county-wide meeting soon after that. She’ll attend the State Board meeting on Oahu on August 13th as our representative. Between trips to the mainland and Europe, Marianna held a Clean Elections meeting at her house and a ballot counting session. And, believe me, accomplishing all this, in the midst of learning everything one must know to be president, is daunting.

We’re also fortunate to have a strong vice-president in Barbra Green. Barbra has assisted in two ballot counts and directed a third one in Hawaiian Paradise Park in the last few weeks. She’s always there when a call goes out for assistance. Both Marianna and Barbra are just retired, so they’re still in the leadership mode. Yes, we’re poised to move ahead with their leadership.

One thing I sorely missed as co-president was our newsletter. Thank goodness Maiden Temple is once again editing the news for us. This is essential on an island as separated as we are in our East, West, North and South island communities. And now we’re growing, and we’re in need more than ever of the newsletter. Thank you so much, Maiden!

Another thing we really need is a website. Have you noticed we’re the only county without one? Andrea Dean has said she will try to set one up for us, which is generous, with all the other work she has going on. So if she does the website and Maiden edits the newsletter, let’s do our part by sending in news. I’m sure they’ll thank us.

We now have a number of new and continuing members in and around Waimea – maybe even enough to start another meeting group up there. I’d be glad to help anyone get started on a call for new members from that part of the island. There are LOTS of issues to stimulate discussion and learning at meetings. I’d be glad to share tapes and DVDs.

Last of all, as new membership co-chair with Marie Alvarenga, I’m working hard to upgrade our member list and correct any errors or omissions in our member information. If you have a new email, especially, it’s important that we have it to send you the newsletter, give times and dates and places of our meetings, and emergency information about the nine issues we voted to work on this year – or any legislative surprises that may arise.

Please, also let me know if you don’t have a copy of our by-laws, or if there are other questions about how or why we do things as an organization. I’ll forward any questions, for which I don’t know the answers, to someone who does know. Our goal this year is to have a growing, informed, pro-active group of men and women, and we’re definitely positioned to bring that about!

Lois Cecil
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