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August 2005
President's Message (Marianna Scheffer)
Minutes for LWV Hawaii County Annual Meeting - 4/9/05 (Maiden Temple)
Proposal for Legislative Advocates (David Holzman)
Message from Lois Cecil, Our Past Co-President (Lois Cecil)

Minutes for
League of Women Voters of Hawaii County
Annual Meeting

April 9, 2005, 11 a.m.
Daniel Thiebaut's Restaurant, Waimea

Angel Pilago, County Council - North Kona, was the guest speaker, starting about 11:15 a.m. He emphasized the need for League members to become active in the Community Development Plan process in order to address the traffic problems in West Hawaii. Although procedures and policies do not exist for determining how and by whom the Community Development Plan will be designed, he encouraged the League to write or call the County administration, especially the Research and Development Department, which has the responsibility of establishing the procedures and policies, and request community meetings. Virginia Isbell, County Council - South Kona, and Cindy Evans, State Representative - District 7, also presented information.

Call to Order: Lois Cecil, 1:05 p.m.

Members Present: George & Marian Wilkins, Gail Laros, Sue Dursin, Marni Herkes, Maiden Temple, David Holzman, Glenys Spitz, Karen Hazelhoff, Sue Irvine, Barbra Green, Lois Cecil, Marie Alvarenga, Trudi Zelko, Marilyn Ednie, Andrea Dean, Virginia Isbell, Cindy Evans.

Guests: Angel Pilago, Jerry Tracy, Bill Grant, Ann Rothstein, Carolyn Heinrich, Mary Hunter.

Treasurer's Report and Proposed Budget for 2005-06, Attachment A, were approved. Motion (M) by Herkes, second (S) by Temple.


  • County announcements: returning to only one president, with Sue Dursin as West side coordinator; Maiden Temple will reinstate the County newsletter; Andrea Dean will handle County public relations; Marie Alvarenga and Lois Cecil will co-chair the Membership Committee.
  • West Hawaii report: Holzman reported two new members and that a vote count was just completed.
  • East Hawaii: Cecil reported that "Movie and Popcorn Nites" at her house have drawn a good audience. An issue is selected, a related video or DVD is viewed, followed by discussion of the movie and issue. She also reported that Andrea Dean and Jessica Wisneski did a presentation about Clean Elections at UH-Hilo.
  • Nominations for new officers: Trudi Zelko presented the slate:

    President: Marianna Scheffer
    Vice President: Barbra Green
    Secretary: Marilyn Ednie

M by Herkes that nominations be closed, S by G. Wilkins, PASSED.
M by G. Wilkins that the slate presented be elected, S by Herkes, PASSED.


  • M. Wilkins presented the Issues for 2004-2005 and after voting, the following are the Issues for 2005-2006:
    1. Voter education registration and access to voting. Point Persons: Marian Wilkins and David Holzman
    2. Preservation and public access of mauka and makai land. Point Person: Marian Wilkins
    3. Against Hawaii gambling. Point Person: Gail Laros
    4. Support programs for violence prevention. Point Person: Marni Herkes
    5. Protect watersheds, forests, and other natural resources. Point Person: Karin Hazelhoff
    6. Support Hawaii Clean Elections campaign finance reform. Point Persons: Andrea Dean, David Holzman, Lois Cecil
    7. Put LWV members on County and State boards and commissions.
    8. Support energy conservation and alternatives to oil. Point Person:
    9. Continued support of initiative and referendum for all issues at the County level. Point person: Marian Wilkins
  • David Holzman presented a proposal for Legislative Advocates, Attachment B. After discussion, agreed that Holzman and Dean will work together on a timeline. Pilago offered to help at the County level.
  • LWV State Convention will be held on Oahu on May 21, 2005. Lois Cecil and Trudi Zelko will attend. Two more delegates are needed.
  • Next County meeting tentatively set for August 6, 2005. Alvarenga will arrange place and meal.

Adjournment: M by Temple, S by Laros, PASSED. Meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Maiden Temple, Secretary
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