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April 2007
President's Report, Spring 2007 (Marianna Scheffer)
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Publicly-Funded Elections (Sue Dursin)
Report from the 2007 Nominating Committee (Marian Wilkins)
Treasurer's Report / Proposed Budget April 2007
Proposed Program for 2007-08
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Candidate Forums (Sue Dursin)
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Vote Count (Marian Wilkins)
Kona Meeting (Marian Wilkins)
Minutes - LWV Hawaii County - March 10, 2007 (Maiden Temple)
D.C. Voting Rights - Part I (Sue Irvine)
D.C. Voting Rights - Part II (Marianna Scheffer)
Washington, D.C. Voting Rights

President's Report, Spring 2007

I hope you are all well and ready for the upcoming year of political ups and downs! I was forced to cancel a League meeting in Hilo due to illness: I came down with that awful cold that's going around.

National League has given Hawaii LWV a grant in the amount of $1,000 to draw attention to the partial disenfranchisement of Washington, D.C. citizens, who have no Senators or Representatives but must nonetheless abide by the laws passed by Congress. We were allowed to expand this consideration of enfranchisement to other aspects of overt or covert disenfranchisement. On Kauai, there will be an event in April to discuss Vote-by-Mail. Oahu also has an event planned. I did a presentation at Kulani Correctional Center, reported in a separate article in this issue. In addition, Susan Irvine had an article about the D.C. Voting Rights Project published in the Tribune-Herald.

We are very pleased that the County of Hawaii has passed Resolution 4107, which renews their support for publicly-funded elections. Dominic Yagong says that he was inclined to vote against the resolution, but e-mails and phone calls from his constituents caused him to change his mind and vote “yes.” If we become weary of trying to change things, it's always nice to hear that time and effort by interested voters can actually influence the way our representatives vote.

Fund raising: I am in contact with the Strand Tea Company in Oregon, which is selling "Voter's Choice" tea through the Clackamas County LWV. This might be a good fund- raiser for us. The boxes of premium-quality tea, with amusing names like "Citizen Gray" and "Eleanor's Breakfast Blend" have information about the League on the package and are very easy to sell at $5 a box, for a profit of $1.50 a box.

We have done one initiative vote count for HPP and will be doing a vote count for the Orchidland Estates board election in June.

I will be gone from April 3-May 3, helping out with my NEW GRANDDAUGHTER! However, I will check my e-mail every day.

Marianna Scheffer

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