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President's Message (Helen Hemmes)
Annual Meeting Highlights
Annual Meeting Minutes (Julie Mink)
Gambling (Abigail Laros)
The Sun Shines on County Lawmakers (Leilani Bronson-Crelly)
LWV Monitors Sunshine through the Years (Helen Hemmes & Sue Irvine)
LWVHC Attends State Convention
LWVHC Virtual Council
LWV of Hawaii County Treasurer's Report / Budget 2009-10 (Sue Irvine)

Annual Meeting Highlights

Program Areas Adopted by the Membership at the Annual Meeting

  1. Voter Access (Key contacts: Marian Wilkins and Marni Herkes)
  2. Voter Education (Key contact: Sue Dursin)
  3. Sunshine (Key contact: Leilani Bronson-Crelly)

Officers and Directors for 2009-2010

First Vice President
Second Vice President
Assistant Secretary
Helen Hemmes
Marianna Scheffer
Margaret Drake
Julie Mink
Jaurene (Jo) Judy
Susan Irvine
Donna Oba
Maiden Temple


Terms ending in 2010
Marian Wilkins (Elected)
Gail Laros (Elected)
Alberta Lindsay (Elected)
Karin Hazelhoff (Appointed)
Terms ending in 2011
Donna Oba (Elected)
Leilani Bronson-Crelly (Elected)
Susan (Sue) Dursin
(also West Hawaii representative) (Elected)

Nominating Committee for 2010

Elected by the Membership
1. George Wilkins, Chair
2. Margaret Drake

Appointed by the Board

3. Patricia Stolfa

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