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LWV of Hawaii County Treasurer's Report / Budget 2009-10

“GRANT SERVICE ACCOUNT” Established with the LWVEF

Recently the Board of Directors approved having the LWV of Hawai'i County establish a "grant service account" with the national League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF). Donna Oba did the research provided below and submitted the motion, which was subsequently adopted by the Board of Directors. Should you wish to contribute, please note the process below or contact Sue Irvine, Treasurer, at 935-8080, to ensure that our local League gets the credit for the contribution. Thanks!

BACKGROUND [From the League website, www.lwv.or]:

The LWV has an education fund that is available to all Leagues. LWVEF was established in 1957 as a separate tax-exempt organization with a 501(c)(3) tax status. The purpose of this free service is to allow Leagues to obtain tax-deductible funding for education projects while at the same time relieving Leagues of administrative burdens connected with maintaining an educational fund.

There is no minimum balance on the account. Funds raised by LWV Hawaii County (and deposited appropriately) will be earmarked solely for LWV Hawaii County use. Contributions are made payable to "League of Women Voters Education Fund" (or "LWVEF") and mailed to national with a deposit form noting the local league designation. Written application for grants (up to the amount in our sub-account) must be for projects that meet IRS and Education Fund (EF) criteria (see following). LWVUS also has a policy that allows local leagues to pay up to 50% of its national PMP's using Ed Fund monies.

IRS Criteria: To use the funds, a project must be educational. The League requires that the project must be for the purpose of informing the public in a fair and objective manner. Through the project, the League cannot advocate a particular position on legislation or urge any action to affect legislation (federal, state or local). The project cannot involve work with political parties or candidates for office, other than nonpartisan voters service activities. It cannot influence the outcome of an election.

[NOTE: Education fund monies may not be used for lobbying, as defined by the IRS, but they may be used to present only one side of a policy issue to: (a) legislators, as long as legislation has not been introduced, or (b) the public as long as it does not include a call to action.]

The project must also serve the general public, not League members exclusively.

Education Fund (EF) resources cannot be used to promote League membership. However, internal membership materials (that are funded by other means) and/or other means of offering people opportunities to join are acceptable at EF events.

For more information, refer to the League website.

Arguments in Favor of This Motion: By establishing a sub-account with national:

-- our local league reduces local administration (collection, disbursement and IRS reporting) of charitable contributions.
-- we have a tax-deductible vehicle to fund educational projects, which may encourage members, non-member individuals and businesses to donate to our League.
-- more Education Fund monies means more opportunities for us to raise awareness of LWV and LWV of Hawaii County through more Ed Fund projects and fundraising activities.

League of Women Voters of Hawai’i County
c/o Temple
73-4595 Old Mamalahoa Hwy.
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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