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LWVHC Attends State Convention
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LWV of Hawaii County Treasurer's Report / Budget 2009-10 (Sue Irvine)

LWVHC Attends State Convention

On May 30, four Big Island League members joined twenty-five others at the Grand Cafe in Honolulu for the 2009 State League Convention. Helen Hemmes, Marianna Scheffer, Debbie Hecht, and Sue Dursin represented Hawaii County.

Jackie Parnell, outgoing president, received a fond farewell as she announced her move to the Mainland and handed the gavel to incoming president, Pearl Johnson. Hilo member, Sue Irvine, will continue as vice-president.

Guest speaker, the Honorable Karen Radius, Judge, Girls' Court, presented an overview of the successful Honolulu court that gives a strong human dimension to girls' sentencing. Energetic and positive, Judge Radius talks about the value of building successful relationships for these girls, and how that's possible through the large group of volunteers supporting the court. She underscores the holistic view adopted by the court in which the girls are considered within the context of their lives, the influences shaping their behaviors. Physical, emotional and mental health, education and cultural domains all play a part. Further information is available at www.girlscourt.org

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