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LWV of Hawaii County Treasurer's Report / Budget 2009-10 (Sue Irvine)

LWVHC Virtual Council

Gail Laros and Sue Dursin went to the national council on June 13th and never left Kona. They joined one hundred and fifty other delegates from forty-three states on-line in the first ever virtual council. (Conventions are held in even years; councils in the odd years. The 2010 Convention will be an in-person event.)

Preparation and training for delegates resulted in very few problems the day of the council. Delegates were able to "line up at the podium" and "raise their hands" to ask questions and speak.

Senator Kay Hagan gave a brief overview of Congressional action, while LWV member Lowell Leonard outlined League's advocacy on key positions.

Budget summary and questions received the most attention. Like most organizations, LWV is suffering from the economic downturn. Investments were down dramatically at the time of the council. They may have recovered somewhat by now.

Because of the online format being used for the first time, the agenda was kept to a minimum. However, the follow-up participant surveys showed the council to have been highly successful.

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