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President's Message
December Unit Meetings
Public Access Room (PAR) Workshops (Suzanne Marinelli)
Membership (Donna Oba)
Quarterly Membership Meeting - January 23, 2010 (Sue Dursin)
Act 244 Hawaii County ... Campaign Finanace Project (Sue Dursin & Sue Irvine)
Hawaii Ed Fund (Helen Hemmes & Sue Irvine)
LWV Treasurer's Report 10/17/2009

President's Message

Dear LWVHC Members,

LWVUS President Mary G. Wilson sends a weekly newsletter for League Leaders designed to help keep leaders informed of what is new on topics such as advocacy (such as “League Files Amicus Brief in Indiana Voter ID Case”), education fund ( elections, fair and impartial judiciary, and census 2010), membership & leadership (Bill of Rights Days is December 15), and other topics. It’s a way of keeping abreast of LWV issues without going to the web site

In Hawaii, the website is maintained by LWV member Steve Trussel. It is up to LWV members to help provide the information (through established channels) to keep the site updated. We try to issue our branch newsletter, the “Voter,” quarterly, but its publication too is dependent on having members submit pertinent articles. Our activities as a local branch happen when leaders and members take the time to become involved and keep others informed.

Please join me in thanking the officers and directors who help keep our branch alive and visible in our community for the benefit of our community and the LWVHC, and then when your workload, family commitments (such as eldercare), and travel schedule permit, please to make the time to become involved in the LWVHC.

Your key contacts for our program areas this year are as follows: Voter Access (Marian Wilkins and Marni Herkes), Voter Education (Sue Dursin and Sue Irvine), and Sunshine (Leilani Bronson¬Crelly). For gambling issues, contact Abigail Laros. Our 2010 Nominating Committee include George Wilkins, Chair, and Margaret Drake, both elected by the membership, and Patricia Stolfa, appointed by the Board.

We value your support and participation in helping the LWV achieve its mission.

Helen Hemmes

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