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President's Message
LWVHC Runs Charter School Conversion Election (Sue Irvine)
Testimony on County Code of Ethics (Helen Hemmes)
Members Approve Dues Increase (Donna Oba)
Update: Charter Article 15 - Initiation of Amendments and Revisions (Sue Dursin)
Vote Counts in West Hawaii (Marian Wilkins)
LWV Hawaii County Annual General Meeting 4-10-10 (Margaret Drake)
Update: Hawaii County Charter Commission (Sue Dursin)
LWVHC By-Law Amendments - Adopted April 10, 2010
Update on Act 244: Comprehensive Public Campaign Funding (Sue Dursin)
2010 Election Calendar
State and National Conventions
Anti-Gambling Results (Sue Dursin)

President's Message

I am grateful to the officers, directors, and members who contributed to the success and visibility of the League of Women Voters in carrying out our programs this year in voter education, voter access, and sunshine in government.

Our quarterly membership meetings included the following speakers:

On July 23, 2009, Linden H. Joesting, Esq., on “The Sunshine Law”; On October 17, 2009, Kenneth Goodenow, County Clerk, on “The 2010 Election: Where We Are, How We Got Here, and Why We Need Your Help”; On January 23, 2010, Levi Hookano, Attorney for the Charter Commission, sharing information on the Charter Commission; and On April 20, 2010, Jean Aoki, State League Elections, Legislation Liaison, sharing her perspective about the League in this historical year.

The Board met quarterly in person and more frequently via electronic meetings. The Board approved, upon the recommendation of Donna Oba, establishing a “grant service account” with the LWV Ed Fund. Contributions to this fund are tax deductible to the extent provided by law and can be used by the LWVHC to pursue our educational goals.

Donna Oba provided membership orientation sessions at Hilo and Kona unit meetings, kept our membership listing current, and took the leadership role of removing inactive members after contacting members whose dues were not paid.

Sue Irvine and Sue Dursin represented the LWVHC at the public workshop on implementation of the pilot project for comprehensive public funding of Hawaii County Council races and have kept us informed and aware of Act 244.

Sue Dursin led the LWVHC’s testimony on proposed changes in the Hawai`i County Charter, Article XV, Charter Amendment and Revision.

LWVHC also provided testimony to the Committee on Finance regarding proposed amendments to the County Code of Ethics, with the Finance Committee deferring action pending recommendations from the Board of Ethics later this month. (We gratefully acknowledge help from JoAnn Maruoka, State League, in preparing testimony.) Sue Irvine, Marianna Scheffer, and Margaret Drake were the face of the LWVHC for the highly monitored charter school vote by parents and employees at Laupahoehoe High and Elementary School. Marian and George Wilkins led the vote count on April 7, with an anticipated $1,000 in revenue. Gail Laros and Sue Dursin attended the National LWV virtual meeting on May 11. Maiden Temple helped with the “Voter” and shared her legal expertise to draft the proposed amendments to the Bylaws, regarding the terms for the co-presidents and general language, which were adopted at our Annual meeting on April 10. Donna Oba, Dixie Kaetsu, and Sue Irvine staffed our Budget Committee, resulting in our new budget being adopted at our April 10 meeting. Debbie Hecht and others helped keep me abreast of pertinent matters.

My schedule took me out of town at key times, though I was able to attend State League Board meetings on Oahu on August 22, November 21, and March 20. Thanks to the leadership of Sue Dursin, West Hawaii representative, and others, the LWVHC remained visible and viable in Hawaii County, with increased visibility on the State League’s web site.

Helen Hemmes

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