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Annual Council Guest - Kay Maxwell - LWV National Liaison
Alana Bowman to Speak at League Brown Bag Lunch
President's Message (Virginia Isbell)
Vote Count (Arlene Ellis)
Hawaii Clean Elections (Laure Dillon & George Fox)
Violence Prevention (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Don't Gamble with Aloha (Dorothy Bobilin)
Education Committee (Mary Anne Raywid)
Judiciary Study Committee (Jean Aoki)
High-Traffic Websites Team Up to Sponsor 'Rolling Cyber Debate'
Kauai Annual Meeting (Carol Bain)
Congressional Candidates' Forum
League of Women Voters Clearinghouse Open!
Man and his Legacy, The
Voter Service

President's Message

It is a privilege to work with such a dynamic group of League members who are committed to encouraging informed and active participation of Hawaii's residents in local and statewide issues and who put enormous effort into influencing public policy through education and advocacy. The League is fortunate to have such dedicated individuals volunteering their time.

A great effort went into Campaign Finance Reform that was supported by the House of Representatives and numerous Senators. We came close. We will be back.

Open voting during Legislative Conference Committees was strongly supported by the League early in the session and we are happy that the House and Senate felt it was to everyone's benefit, and the public's right-to-know, that the policy was changed for open conference committee meetings.

A special mahalo to Dot Bobilin who continues to keep us all well-informed of gambling bills introduced in the Legislature. She needs more help on all islands with the Coalition Against Legalized Gambling.

We have noticed the excellent quality of newsletters from the various League Chapters in the state but do not always get copies. Would you please send copies to the League Office in Honolulu.

We would like to get a League started on Maui and possibly Molokai and Lanai. If you know of individuals living on those islands who may be interested in forming a League, please let us know.

Congratulations go to past state League president, Jean Aoki, who has been invited by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to be a member of the Judiciary Study Committee that is to explore the judicial system in Hawaii and the problems and issues confronting the courts. This promises to be a monumental study but one which is very important.

We would like to especially thank those who responded to the "Non-Event" state League fundraiser that was the brainchild of Jackie Parnell. If any members would like to send out additional invitations to members or nonmembers who support the LWV, please contact the office as we have extras.

All of the League Chapters hosted Kay Maxwell, National First Vice President of the League of Women Voters, as she traveled the islands in May meeting members. During her visit to the Capitol she was able to visit the Public Access Room that is the only one like it in the US. Kay gave an excellent presentation at the State Council meeting held in Kona May 20 and responded to numerous questions which were asked of her.

The National League of Women Voters, in a joint project with, brings you DNet, an easy-to-use, interactive online service that provides one-stop shopping for all election and campaign information. It gives you the ability to engage your candidates, locally or nationally, and view on-going debates on issues that impact you. The addresses are; The National LWV also has its own website

The Board of Directors voted to take a strong approach to having a Special Legislative Session in order to resolve the inequity of Senate elections following reapportionment. (Such action would be contingent on available outside funding.)

Also recommended at the State Council Meeting: 1) That the League study the issue of enabling Legislation which would allow Hawaii communities to create incorporated cities, towns and villages throughout the state; and 2) That the League study the issue of having a unicameral Legislature. At the present time Nebraska is the only state that has one. If you are interested in being part of these studies, please contact the League Office and we will be happy to include you.

The Leagues, state and local, have exceptional credibility in this state and must do everything possible to uphold and keep their high standards. There are many issues still on the table and more to come as surprises. The Leagues are outstanding watchdog groups and individually, as well as collectively, carefully research the issues they take on. The League of Women Voters is a great organization and important to us all. All members are important. We need you and we need you to recruit new members to help share the load, have fun working together and experience the joy of achievement working together to help resolve the issues and challenges of the future.

Virginia Isbell

LWV - Hawaii

Virginia Isbell - President
Maile Bay - Vice President
Grace Furukawa - Secretary
Jacqueline Parnell - Treasurer

Annelle Amaral
Dorothy Bobilin
Marian Wilkins
Jean Aoki
Suzanne Meisenzahl
Mary Anne Raywid
Laure Dillon
Pearl Johnson
Carol Bain

Publication Editors
Carol Bain
Suzanne Meisenzahl

Jonalynn Sing - Production

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