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Reapportionment (Carol Bain)
Care Package to Florida
State Censorship (Marcia Linville)
Viewpoint: Election 2000 (Jean Aoki)
Gambling Report (Dorothy Bobilin)
Education Committee Activity (Mary Anne Raywid)
Happy New Year!
Membership Directory

Membership Directory

The Membership directories which include all local league members has been mailed to all members. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A DIRECTORY OR IF YOU NEED CORRECTIONS TO YOUR NAME OR OTHER INFORMATION - CALL THE LEAGUE OFFICE (808) 531-7448.

The Aloha Voter notes any changes with the Honolulu members in each issue. Each member can note those changes in their own directory. Many thanks to Jackie Parnell for collecting all the necessary information and getting the pamphlet done and to the Leaguers who helped with the mailing.

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