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Members Wanted for I & R Study Committee

The committee to take another look at our current position on Initiative and Referendum (I&R) is now being organized. The delegates to our State League Convention in May, 1999, voted to reexamine our position on I&R. This could mean that our position might be changed as we look at the uses of I&R since our present position was taken in 1977, or that we could pursue its adoption by the state with renewed vigor.

During the 1978 Constitutional Convention, LWV/HI, along with other organizations, lobbied very hard to have I&R put on the ballot as a constitutional amendment. We were defeated by about four votes of the delegates. In the years following the '78 Con Con, many l&R bills have been introduced in our legislature, but none have made it out of the House Judiciary Committee. We somehow always had more support in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The new study will review the past history of I&R, but will focus more on the current uses of the process, including subject matters of current initiatives, and the funding of initiative and referenda campaigns in other states and locales. We want to examine whether the I&R process still works as was originally intended, and whether the process is something we want to continue to advocate for Hawaii.

We would like to have members from all of our county Leagues involved in this committee. For more information, please contact Marian Wilkins at (808) 325-6116 or write to 73-1410 A Kaloko Drive, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740.

Marian Wilkins

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