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Gambling Heating Up

Big gambling money interests from the mainland continue to be a threat. We know about two. One is Sun International from the Bahamas (known in Hawaii as Coalition for Economic Diversity). They persuaded Gov. Cayetano it would be profitable, and complement his interest in an aquarium. The other is Michigan Consultants who invited 20 legislators attending the National Conference of State Legislators to a Detroit Tigers game, and to casinos, to promote gambling in Hawaii.

League together with its partner The Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG), is not against gambling for fun (e.g. church bingo nights), but fear the impact of legalized gambling as a state business. Besides concerns about social and criminal implications, the potential influence of, the political implications of all that money on our lawmakers is a serious concern. League's persistent attempts to cut special interest money out of elections because it crowds out public input, have so far been stalled in the Senate. Consider what gambling money would add to the stalemate. Gambling concerns and campaign finance reform go hand in hand in our continued efforts to promote democracy and citizen participation in the political process.

HCALG will have an office in the YWCA on Richards St. on August 1 and they will be working on two events. One is a Recognition Dinner (see special box on this page) and a Public Policy Forum on Gambling on December 1 at the University of Hawaii. More on this later.

Dot Bobilin

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