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Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, of which League is a part, particularly its President Dot Bobilin, the many bills for one form of gambling or another have not been heard to date.

In a surprise move, however, legislators supporting gambling, proposed three Resolutions, two of which concern us. The first, submitted by Senate President Bobby Bunda, urges a study of the economic impact of all forms of gambling on Hawaii. The other, sponsored by Senator Matsuura to study economic and social impacts of gambling on Hawaii.

It is very difficult to oppose a study, even though we feel it is unnecessary, given all the data from the National Impact Study and our other research. So the Coalition has agreed, if the bills are heard at all, to support the intent of the bill but question how it could be impartial and independent, as well as completed before the next session of the Legislature. A study that we could approve would take two years and cost over half a million dollars. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Grace Furukawa

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