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Money and Politics

Campaign finance reform is the hottest topic in today's political scene.

Here in Hawaii, our State Legislature considered a number of proposals for campaign finance reform. House Bills 169 and 170 (backed by the League of Women Voters, Hawaii Clean Elections, and other good-government groups) were set to fundamentally transform Hawaii's politics by lowering contribution limits, prohibiting corporate donations, and enacting publicly-funded campaigns.

Meanwhile in Washington, DC, our federal elected officials debate over proposals to ban "soft money" and regulate "issue ads." Republicans and Democrats are shuffling to protect their own electoral advantages, while powerful interest groups and donors aim to maintain their control over the political process.

The debate on campaign finance - both in Honolulu and Washington - is filled with controversy. In considering any proposal for reform, we citizens face a number of choices involving fundamental values, political ideologies, and practical issues.

Please join us for "Money & Politics: Who Owns Democracy?" on Saturday April 14th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the State Capitol auditorium. This event, part of the National Issues Forums, aims to bring together a diverse group of citizens to discuss the role of money in politics, consider choices for public action, and contribute to solutions that help make our democracy work.

For more info and registration, call 375-0679 or email

"Money & Politics" is sponsored by the Department of Urban & Regional Planning, and Program of Conflict Resolution at UH Manoa, Hawaii Community Services Council, Hawaii Justice Foundation, Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs, Kettering Foundation, Hawaii Elections Project, and Hawaii Clean Elections.

Join us for a forum on

"Money & Politics: Who Owns Democracy?"

Saturday, April 14th 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Nikki Love
Executive Director of HEP

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