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League Local News - Kauai

This election year Kauai County League printed a Voters Guide that was published in cooperation with the Garden Island Publishing Company. They have been publishing our voter's guides since 1972. A televised public forum was held with Garden Island Newspaper journalists and Kauai County candidates. League participated in voter registration activities, including "Motor Voter" efforts, at the request of the State Office of Elections.

In a burst of humor and compassion for Florida's presidential election dilemma in counting votes, we sent Kauai coffee and tweezers to the Palm Beach County Election workers to help them clean up hanging chads and pregnant dimples on their ballots.

League dedicated its first "At Issue" video series on Hoike Community access TV to Malama Mahaulepu. League has entered into an informal coalition with them to preserve natural and cultural resources for future generations. The program was a success and League will now produce a series on a monthly basis. Next show will be "At Issue: Educators on Strike."

Two new studies are underway in Kauai. One is on Beach Access studying access, safety, signage, access across private property, and fishing and gather rights. The second study will review the Kauai County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) and any CZO recommendations related to the Kauai County General plan.

Carol Bain

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