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Two New Studies

The Education Committee proposed two studies at the annual League Convention. Both were adopted, and work has already begun on the first, related to school governance. The two were described as follows, for the Convention:

School Governance for Hawaii

It appears that Hawaii's schools will not be permitted to improve substantially until the governance structure controlling them is changed.

  1. What are the governance alternatives?
  2. What sort of arrangements appear best suited for Hawaii?
  3. What would it take to set them in place?

Funding Hawaii's Schools

The annual struggle to obtain enough money to run Hawaii's schools suggests that perhaps the state is just not collecting sufficient revenue to support schools and other public services. Just what are the state's revenues and their sources? How much is needed to provide an adequate education in our public schools?

It appears that we will have help on both studies from the University of Hawaii. On the first, from a doctoral candidate, and on the second from a faculty member.

More on this later.

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