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Kauai League

Update on open governance issue: Ho'ike Community TV'S board of directors removed bylaws supporting sunshine and open records laws on 9/7/01. Because I witnessed this and other bylaw violations, I felt compelled to seek solutions. I drafted a letter on Kauai League (KLWV) letterhead and flew to Oahu (not at League expense) to meet with the state Office of Information and Practices (OIP), and legislators, to discuss ways to resolve the Ho'ike problem.

OIP has agreed to review a 1994 decision, and may issue an opinion before the end of the year that Ho'ike is a state agency and therefore subject to both state Sunshine and Open Records laws. This process of legal opinion review by OIP will not incur any fee to KLWV.

At the October 11, 2001 KLWV board meeting, the following motion passed unanimously:

"The board of the Kauai League of Women Voters endorses the request for the Office of Information and Practices (0IP) to revisit its Advisory Opinion 94-23 which concluded that Ho'ike, Kauai Community Television, Inc. is not a "board" as the term is defined in section 92F-3, Hawaiian Revised Statutes, and therefore is not subject to the provisions of the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), and to reverse that Opinion."

Beach Study: the Committee has met twice and volunteers have completed its survey on the 17 Kauai County beach parks. Barbara Robeson and Beryl Blaich have begun to assemble the survey data and will be delivering a report November 14 at Lihue Neighborhood Center 1 p.m. . The committee, chaired by Althea McCleery, will use this data, along with budget and planning information from the County Parks and Recreation division, to write an issues report by February 1, 2002. This will be mailed to all KLWV members for consensus.

County Zoning Ordinance (CZO) Study: committee consists of Leaguers who are attending planning commission meetings and tracking CZO amendments, including the recent beach access ordinance. The League has produced a 1-hour video workshop on the agriculture vs. open zoning CZO amendment issue that ran on Hoi'ke last month. The planning department was given a copy for lending to others.

Voter Registration: Next year is going to be a busy one. Susan Wilson offered to submit a re-draft of a letter to the State Office of Elections offering our Motor Voter registration services. An outreach to register first time voters at Kauai High School has also begun.

Carol Bain

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