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League of Women Voters of Hawaii - Council 2002
League of Women Voters of Hawaii - Operating Forecast 2002-03 (Janet Mason)

League of Women Voters of Hawaii - Operating Forecast 2002-03

The proposed operating budget for 2002-2003 is smaller than the previous year's budget of nearly $16,000. Total income for 2002-03 is projected to be $11,488, based on the actual income received by the State League in the current fiscal year. Likewise, total annual expense at $11,085 is also forecasted to be lower than last year, resulting in a "break-even" surplus of $403.

Regarding income, the League continues to rely largely on member dues and donations from members. An annual fund raiser of some type is now essential to cover expenses.

Regarding expenses, the 2002-03 year demonstrated again - it IS possible to live within our means. The forecast for expenses in the 2003 fiscal year is very conservative, requiring consistent, close monitoring. However, the proposed budget does assume the League will spend all "restricted" program funds on hand ($3,320). A detail of these restricted funds is shown at the bottom of page 2: $500 for Violence Prevention, $1,470 for Education and $1,350 for the Judicial Independence project. In fact, it may not be feasible to implement all these programs in 2003; in this case the related expenditure would drop, resulting in a higher projected surplus for the year.

Thanks to all of you who so generously kept us running during the past year!

Janet Mason

LWV - Hawaii

Maile Bay - President
Jacqueline Parnell - Vice President
Grace Furukawa - Secretary
Janet Mason - Treasurer

Jean Aoki
Sunni Baran
Meda Chesney-Lind
Suzanne Meisenzahl

Publication Editors
Mary Anne Raywid
Suzanne Meisenzahl

Jonalynn Sing

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