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Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

The upcoming Legislative year will be more than challenging for our coalition. With one candidate having openly urged a lottery for education, and others thinking this may be the opening, we will have to do our best to persuade all candidates for all offices not to buckle under the pressure of the budget problems looming upon us, and the gambling industry which will certainly follow up with all the money available. When we know who have been elected, we need to pressure them again -- before the session -- not to put the state into the business of gambling. If you had any doubts about the problems brought on by legalized gambling, we hope you attended the seminar on "Gambling a Bad Bet for wai'f's Families," held at the Central Union Church, on September 28th.

With this next round in the battle looming up, the Coalition is in serious need of funding to keep the Coalition office open and to retain the needed assistance of the office manager. With Dot Bobilin still battling physical problems at home, and not as available at the Legislature as in the past, we will urgently need this extra help. If anyone is so inclined, please send as large a contribution as you can to HCALG (Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling), and mail it to the League office at 49 S. Hotel Street # 314, Honolulu, HI 96813, Attention: Furukawa. Grace Furukawa is the League's liaison with the coalition and will see that any contributions reach them.


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