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One Afternoon at the Legislature (Jean Aoki)
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Local League News - Honolulu (Pearl Johnson)
Local League News - Kauai (Carol Bain)
Lunch 'n' Learn the Law
Council Meeting May 18

Council Meeting May 18

We will be holding our annual session – "Council" this year, not "Convention" – at One Kalakaua, on May 18, 9:30 - 3:00. The morning will be taken up with reports, plus an opportunity for all attending to express their views on what we are addressing, and what we're overlooking.

After lunch, there will be a panel at which Hawaii's gubernatorial candidates will be asked to respond to the questions that most concern us.

In response to the problems of voter apathy and diminishing League membership, the Board and each member is requested to bring a new face to our May Council meeting. Only requirement is to bring a person who is "young at heart," "optimistic and hopeful," or willing to be "proactive."

We can guarantee that all will learn something new about working democracy, as we interact together, and then question the gubernatorial candidates.

You'll be receiving more details later, but meanwhile, save the date.

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