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Local League News - Honolulu

Honolulu continues to fight to keep agricultural land from being covered with houses by Castle and Cooke's Koa Ridge project in Central Oahu. Furthermore, we've taken on two other crusades: the bottle deposit bill and coastal erosion.

Representative Hermina Morita's bill HB 1256 is still in conference committee from last session. It would require a 5 cent deposit plus a 2 cent administrative fee on each beverage container-aluminum, glass or plastic. The conference committee deferred action last year to allow the beverage industry to craft an alternative. That alternative, unveiled last month, did nothing about the litter problem and imposed additional fees for curbside recycling by residents. Since this alternative is completely unacceptable, Honolulu wants to get the bill passed before the industry can get its misinformation campaign going to kill it. We arranged a radio appearance for Rep. Morita on Bob Rees's show on FM89.3 and AM1380. An email asked all members to call the legislature to express support.

The second crusade is to save our beaches. We will meet with the author of a coastal erosion management plan to discuss how League can help.

The Environment Committee plans an informational meeting with a Board of Water Supply expert to decide how to deal with anticipated future water problems.

Our next membership meeting will be on April 20 at the Hale Koa Hotel.

Pearl Johnson

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