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Local League News - Kauai

Kaua'i Beach Parks Study

The Kaua'i League's Beach Study Committee has analyzed the survey data gathered from 17 Kaua'i County Beach parks. The purpose is to study the parks and the budget that maintains them. This study does not focus on beach access, but rather on safety and use. The committee, chaired by past president Althea McCleery, used survey data along with budget and planning information from the County Parks and Recreation division. The final study with 10 questions for consensus recommendations was mailed to all KLWV members in mid-February. A general membership meeting will be held May 20 at Nawiliwili Pavilion to discuss the questions and recommendations and come to consensus. As a courtesy, copies were also mailed to each LWV chapter in the state. Final results will be made available by the April 27 Kaua'i annual meeting.

A Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Study Committee consists of Leaguers who are attending planning commission meetings and tracking CZO amendments, including proposed major changes in agriculture versus open land ordinances. A one-hour video workshop was sponsored by the League which aired on public access TV. A public workshop on the issue is planned. League members Beryl Blaich and Barbara Robeson co-chair, and it is ongoing.

Update on open governance issue - The Office of Information and Practices has not issued its opinion on whether PEG access boards, including Hoike and Olelo community TV, are state agencies and therefore subject to both state Sunshine (HRS-92) and open records laws. At the October 11, 2001 KLWV board meeting, the following motion passed unanimously:

"The board of the Kauai League of Women Voters endorses the request for the Office of Information and Practices (OIP) to revisit its Advisory Opinion 94-23 which concluded that Ho'ike: Kauai Community Television, Inc. (Ho'ike) is not a "board" as the term is defined in section 92F-3, Hawaiian Revised Statutes, and therefore is not subject to the provisions of the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), and to reverse that Opinion."

The minutes including the motion were approved at the November meeting and a copy of the minutes was sent to OIP in late November. OIP Staff Attorney Jennifer Brooks recently informed the Kauai League president that the work on this opinion is OIP's top priority, and a final opinion should be issued before the end of this legislative session. There are also several related bills before the Legislature that support this effort to have our public access organizations operate in a more open way with public accountability. Highlights are listed at:

Carol Bain

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