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Local League News - Honolulu

Four members of the new Honolulu City council appeared before the planning meeting of the Honolulu Chapter on Dec. 14 at the Hale Koa Hotel: Charles Djou, Ann Kobayashi, Gary Okino and Rod Tam.

The city's budget deficit set the tone for much of the discussion. Ann Kobayashi reported that Mayor Jeremy Harris has said he would veto any proposal to increase the property tax. She therefore will not propose an increase and will wait for the mayor's "balanced budget."

The Bus Rapid Transit plan received little support from the four Council members. Two even talked of rail transit, which League successfully fought in the early 90's. A Leaguer later pointed out the disadvantages of rail, including lack of flexibility, high cost, and need to condemn urban property.

At the business meeting before lunch, Leaguers discussed monitoring the City Council by attending meetings and watching the live and taped feeds on channel 54. Population distribution on Oahu was the subject of prolonged and lively discussion. The consensus was to oppose changes to present plans that would have the effect of increasing population density in the urban core of Honolulu. As part of a statewide review of Community Access Television, Honolulu will form a committee to examine Olelo, Oahu's community access facility.

Pearl Johnson

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