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2004 State Council
At the Legislature (Jean Aoki)
Bottle Bill Survives Legislature (Malama Souza)
Berkeley City Council Places Public Funding on November Ballot (Jean Aoki)
Viewpoint: Campaign Finance Reform (Grace Furukawa)
Mark Your Calendars
Report from Kauai (Carol Bain)
East Hawaii Report (Lois Cecil)

2004 State Council

A meeting of the League of Women Voters' Council consisting of the State Board and two delegates from each local League is held in the interim year between conventions. Its powers are to give guidance to the State Board and it is authorized to change the League Program in the event of an emergency. The Council also adopts a budget for the ensuing fiscal year and transacts such business as is presented by the State Board.

This year, besides the regular delegates, many Honolulu League members attended, and we enjoyed lively discussions.

Business Meeting

The proposed 2004-2005 budget was discussed and approved. The National League proposal to raise the $23 Per Member Payment sent by all Local Leagues to National to $23.80 met with everyone's approval although only delegates to the June National Convention can vote on the proposed increase.

We also discussed some proposed amendments to National League's by-laws and took positions on them. It is hoped that Sue Irvine who will be in the Baltimore area around the time of the June convention will be able to attend at least some of the sessions.

The rules for Council were waived by unanimous consent to allow the consideration of a proposed study of "End of Life Choices" as proposed by Lisa Carter and Eve Anderson at the Honolulu League's Annual Meeting. The Council approved the study with the advice that the committee to be chaired by Carter and Anderson include members representing both pro and con positions as well as those who are neutral on the issue.

The study will follow League guidelines on studies which includes having appointed readers to make sure it adheres to League standards before getting final approval from the League Board prior to distribution to League members. The League position will be decided via concurrence which means that whatever position the board proposes, it is the members who will decide to adopt, to oppose, or recommend that we take no position.

Due to the resignation of Mary Ann Raywid as editor of the Ka Leo Hana, new member Shannon Wood has agreed to take on this responsibility on an interim basis.

Challenges Facing State and Local Leagues in Hawaii

The second part of Council was devoted first to identifying the challenges faced by State and Local Leagues and then discussing possible solutions.

Not unexpectedly, MEMBERSHIP and PUBLICITY continue to be the greatest challenge all Local Leagues face. Some of the suggestions made include:

  1. Pay for a friend's membership for one year and encourage him/her to become involved. Dues for students are $15.00.
  2. League brochures should be available for handouts at every community meeting, every voter service and voter registration events, etc.
  3. Invite new members to express their concerns and to seek their input on issues.
  4. Stress advantages of membership on Web site.
  5. Publicize all League events which includes notifying Jo Judy, our Publicity Chair about any League events. Wherever possible, the League attend and take part in activities sponsored by other organizations by carrying League signs and banners when appropriate.
  6. Returning to small group membership meetings to discuss both League and civic issues. Both Honolulu and Maui MAL are planning this approach.
  7. Appoint a membership recruitment chair whose specific purpose is to bring in new members. The new chair would work with various committees planning public events to increase membership recruitment opportunities at these events. The National League has a well-established recruitment package set up for Local Leagues.

An Opportunity for More Visibility

Because this is an election year, all Leagues are busy with VOTER SERVICE events, which can be used to bring League more visibility in our community. The D-Net interactive computer program will be activated again under the leadership of Andrea Dean in Hawaii. However, the candidates invited to be involved are only state and congressional candidates. Excluding local candidates was a disappointment. Some of the other events planned are:

  1. Arlene Ellis noted that there will be two candidate forums on Hawaii Public Radio before both the primary and general elections. Janet Mason will be one of the moderators.
  2. Honolulu League will be working with the City & County in assisting voters in the use of t voting machines.
  3. There will also be an Voter Registration Outreach Program targeted at residents in low voter turnout areas by going door to door. This year the focus is on Kalihi.
  4. The League will be helping in various voter registration drives as we receive requests for assistance.
  5. Once again, the League will be co-sponsoring "Candidates Debates" on 'Olelo.
  6. Kauai is planning a Voter's Guide which it hopes to distribute with a grant that will go through the Honolulu Education Fund. Their group has serious concerns about ethics in government and they are planning a workshop with their county people.

Other challenges were slated for discussion; however, time ran out before the group could complete the agenda as planned. These items will be discussed at a future meeting.

League of Women Voters of Hawaii

President - Maile Bay
Vice President - Sue Irvine
Secretary - JoAnn Maruoka
Treasurer - Beppie Shapiro

Evangeline Funk
Grace Furukawa
Jaurene (Jo) Judy
Jacqueline Parnell

Publication Editor - Shannon Wood
Production - Jonalynn Sing

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