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Catchy Slogan for the Next Election Campaign

Catchy Slogan for the Next Election Campaign

At the recent state Board meeting, Maui Co-chair Tamara Horcajo provided a written report of their 1 + 1 Campaign. If you're interested in getting more information, contact JoAnn Maruoka, Board Secretary, at to ask her to send you a copy of the full written report.

PURPOSE: To use this simple analogy as a means to get additional registered voters and get all registered voters to vote this coming election. The first idea is to have I registered voter help register 1 non-registered voter. The second part is to have 1 registered voter get 1 registered voter – new or old – to vote. In other words, each one reaches one and each one teaches one.


  1. Use 1 + 1 in all media sources – newsprint, radio, presentations, Internet, political forums, etc.

  2. Use 1 + 1 in all demographics venues – schools, service organizations, non-profits groups, community groups, business groups, etc.

  3. Enlist support from the political parties by having them encourage their party members to use the promotion.

  4. Enlist support from aspiring political holders by asking them to use the promotion in all facets of their campaigns – signs, banners, political forums, ads.

  5. Enlist support from past and current political holders by asking them to support the 1 + 1 campaign in all media outlets

  6. Enlist support from schools, service organizations, non-profits, community groups, business groups, and business organizations.

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