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Judicial Independence Forum Praised

Attendees at the League's November 13, 2004 Conference on Judicial Independence were treated to a lively discussion from three panels featuring both local and national experts on the importance of judicial independence within the context of our unique constitutional form of government. Chief Justice Ronald Moon welcomed everyone to the Conference; next, Dean Aviam Soifer, Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii, opened the panel discussions by providing a definition of judicial independence.

Over the course of the day-long forum, participants debated the effects of judicial selection and retention; limitations by the executive & legislative branches; and media coverage & public opinion upon judicial independence. The panels, moderated by Dean Soifer, started off with brief introductory remarks by each panelist followed by spirited debate. Panelists also shared amusing anecdotes and responded to numerous questions from the audience.

Participants from all three panels then gathered for a round of questions and answers. UH Professor Deane Neubauer closed the forum by succinctly summarizing the major themes developed by each panel within the framework of the conference.

The forum was taped for later showing on 'Olelo. In addition, forum participants Robert S. Peck, Esq., Professor Jennifer Friesen, and Robert Leming joined Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett for the November 12, 2004 "You and the Law in Hawaii" program moderated by Lawrence C. Foster, Esq. Future air times for both the TV program and the Conference will be provided by e-mail to League members. League organizers urge that a phone tree on each island will be set up for those without e-mail to alert them to when the programs will be aired. In addition, a tape of the "You and the Law in Hawaii" show will be sent to Maui, Kaua'i, Hawai'i, and Honolulu Leagues for their use.

The League wishes to extend a special thanks to those who helped us by publicizing the conference, decorating, and hostessing: Piilani Kaopuiki and Evangeline Funk who compiled lists of schools and organizations to add to our data base; Piilani Kaopuiki & Grace Furukawa who worked on registration; Pearl Johnson and Professor Lawrence Foster co-produced the taping of the conference for showing on 'Olelo; Arlene Ellis for assisting in use of the Honolulu League Education Fund; JoAnn Maruoka, Malia Schwartz, Petra Bray, and Arlene Ellis for help at the conference; and, Betty Goodwin and Charles Carole who ran countless errands before the conference.

A final thanks to the Conference committee members and sponsoring organizations: Lawrence Foster, Robert Le Claire, Dale Lee, Associate Justice Steven Levinson, Brian Kessler, Lane Hornbeck McKay, Judge (retired) Marie Milks, Julie Schoen, Robert Toyofuku, Allen Van Etten, Jr., Hawaii Stale Bar Association, American Judicature Society, Hawaii State Judiciary, Hawaii Justice Foundation, Honolulu Community Media Council, American Civil Liberties Union, William S Richardson School of Law, American Association of University Women, Paralegal Program/Kapi'olani Community College, and the Hawaii Women Lawyers.

Jean Aoki
Jackie Parnell
Jaurene Judy

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