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President's Message (Sue Irvine)
Maui Will Get Out the Vote (Joshua Cooper & Tamara Horcajo)
Healthcare Task Force Members
Kauai Studies Transportation (Carol Bain)
Informal Discussions Resume
Honolulu League Takes Up Housing (Jackie Parnell)
Task Force Plans Healthcare for All (Jean Aoki)
Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG) (Grace Furukawa)
New Board of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii
Secrecy Is on the Rise (Carol Bain)
Sex Offender Web Site (Jaurene Judy)
Still Working for Clean Elections (Grace Furukawa)
Revised Position on Initiative and Referendum
From Grumble to Rumble: The Silver Legislature

New Board of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii

The board of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii was installed at the May 21 Convention. Standing from left: President Sue Irvine, JoAnn Maruoka, Hawaii County president Marianna Scheffer, Treasurer Diana Cummings, Grace Furukawa, Mary Anne Raywid, Secretary and Kauai County president Carol Bain. Seated: Jean Aoki, Jo Judy, Evangeline Funk, Vice-president Pearl Johnson.

President - Sue Irvine
Vice President - Pearl Johnson
Secretary - Carol Bain
Treasurer - Diana Cummings
Editor -Mary Anne Raywid

Jean Aoki
Roxie Berlin
Andrea Dean
Evangeline Funk
Grace Furukawa
Jaurene (Jo) Judy
JoAnn Maruoka
Mary Anne Raywid
Carol Bain
Tamara Horcajo
Joshua Cooper
Marianna Scheffer
Jackie Parnell

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