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Presidential Thoughts (Sue Irvine)
State Convention Called for May 21, 2005 (JoAnn Maruoka)
Updated Membership Directory Coming Soon (Jackie Parnell)
Nominating Committee Preliminary Report (Sumiye Konoshima)
National Delegates Sought (Carol Bain)
National FOI Day Conference: Congress and the Courts... (Carol Bain)
In Celebration of Women (Shannon Wood)
Women's History Month Activities

Updated Membership Directory Coming Soon

The Honolulu League is preparing to publish the almost-annual statewide Membership Directory which will be distributed to members only. If you do NOT want your name, address, phone and/or email address included, now is the time to let us know. Please e-mail Jackie Parnell at or call the League office at 808/531-7448 - to leave a message for Jackie.

Jackie Parnell

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