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Progress on Clean Elections

Here is an update on what is happening now, and where we are heading during the legislative interim, with efforts to bring public funding to Hawaii. Thanks to the awesome work and support this past session, Voter-Owned Elections - fair and clean elections - are 100 times closer than this time just one year ago.

Hawaii Clean Elections is continuing into the summer to expand support for the Clean Elections, or the "Voter-Owned Elections" option. Right now, important action and decisions are under way that will greatly influence the outcome of the continuing grassroots effort to bring a full public funding system to Hawaii.

Some exiting news! In late May, Portland, Oregon was the first city in the nation to enact Full Public Financing of Elections. Bravo! Now we're watching Connecticut where the full legislature is expected to vote on a publicly funded campaigns proposal sometime during the first week in June. (Go to for more details).

More good news: On Tuesday, May 31, the Hawaii County Council's Public Works and Intergovernmental Relations Committee unanimously passed a resolution in SUPPORT of Comprehensive Public Funding of Campaigns for Hawaii. The committee is made up of all sitting council members. The full council will vote on the resolution at the Hawaii County Council monthly meeting on June 15th. Big Island supporters and friends:

TAKE ACTION TODAY! Email testimony in support to the County Council at: counciltestimony@co.hawaii.hi.us. (A copy of the resolution is on our website above.) Hawaii Clean Elections is looking at many new strategies including more focus on grassroots education and mobilization - so more house parties are coming - to develop more local community leaders and groups into this movement. We will emphasize research to provide transparency for the public about campaign donations and their impact on policies. Now that we have grown into a statewide organization, we are beginning discussions to expand the public funding option to county races, especially on Maui and Hawaii Island. Attention to supporters in Kauai will follow.

We are making major changes to our website. Like the national organizations MoveOn.org and Working For Change, Hawaii Clean Elections will be adding a web-based Get Active feature. This new technology will allow supporters to send in testimony at the touch of a mouse, send letters to their elected officials even if they are not sure who those elected officials are. It's all done for you. Get Active comes with many other impressive and easy to use options that will help our grassroots supporters become a more efficient and powerful lobbying group at the Hawaii State Capitol. Within the next six weeks, we will send you a message to verify and update your information with our group. If we don't have information from you yet, please go to our website and sign in. Your support has been vital in our mutual effort to give Hawaii's elections back to the voters, rather than to the donors.

As you may well know by now, Bob Watada will retire in the late summer when his replacement has been hired. If you know someone who would be a good candidate for this important position (including you), please see the Campaign Spending Commission's website: www.hawaii.gov/campaign/execdirad.html

Lastly, Hawaii Clean Elections has become a full-time operation, moving on many new ideas and strategizing for the future; so, as always, we are engaged in fundraising and securing grants to sustain and expand the organization. The past two years have again proven the amount of work that must be done to mobilize a grassroots effort large enough to make this monumental change in the way campaigns and elections work. We must have full-time staff and resources available. If you have any insights for new funding sources, or would like to make a donation yourself, please contact Executive Director, Laure Dillon at laure@cleanelectionshawaii.org, or call the office at 599-1600.

Again, mahalo for your help and your interest.

Laure Dillon
Executive Director
Hawaii Clean Elections

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