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Local Reports - Hawaii

Our General Meeting on Oct. 8 featured a talk on waste disposal on the Big Island by Barbara Bell, long-time environmental activist and now the Director of the Hawaii County Department of Environmental Development. Hawaii Island has unique problems caused by its large size and spread-out population and the lack of such services taken for granted in other places, as garbage pickup and curbside recycling. The plans for a state of the art recycling center that Ms. Bell unveiled will help to deal with our problem, but much more needs to be done. Modest numbers of people turned out for two DVD showings in Hilo, one on the open forum on the Akaka Bill and another, co-sponsored with Global Hope, on the DVD Black Box Voting. We need to work to improve our publicity for these events. Legislative Advocates has been going well, with most legislators having been contacted by now. In late November or early December Advocates will meet, pool their ideas and decide on a plan of action for the next legislative session. The Community Development Plan has been much on our minds here. Studies have been funded and will begin soon. Kona and Puna are the neediest areas in this regard. In line with the CD projects, the County of Hawaii has sponsored free workshops in Kona and Hilo on an experimental community building technique called The Speak Out. (These workshops have been given on Oahu, too.) Dr. Wendy Sarkissian provided tips and tools for involving community members in positive change. Local league President Marianna Scheffer addressed the Hawaii County Council expressing support for the Sunshine Laws. The Council voted in favor of retaining the Law.

Marianna Scheffer, President
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