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Chapter Reports - Kauai

This spring, League's Kauai County chapter held two public events: on March 18, "Applying Sunshine," a public forum featuring Les Kondo, director of the Office of Information Practices and Adam Harju, editor of the Garden Island newspaper; and on April 22, The 39th Annual Kauai County League meeting/luncheon with keynote speaker, Tom Dinell, who also moderated a panel of local planners to discuss "Are we Planning or Are we Permitting?"

The 2006-7 Elected Kauai Board: consists of the following officers:

  • President - Carol Bain
  • Vice-President - Althea McCleery
  • Treasurer - Susan Wilson
  • Secretary - Charee Watters
  • Elected Members: Mary Stone, Linda Harmon, Marie Fifield

The chapter awarded a $200 scholarship to Jessica Zappey, a student enrolled in political science courses at Kauai Community College. We are reviewing two local positions:one on transportation and another on our parks department. ACLU is organizing a Kauai "chapter" with which we will be networking in the future. The fact that we have lacked a Membership Chairperson for the past several years has resulted in a current membership list of only 23 members

Linda Harmon, our Voter Education Chair, has announced several Kauai Voter Education projects for 2006. First, several candidates have announced that they will be running for mayor; so the League is planning to coordinate a mayoral candidates public forum Second, an LVW Kauai County Voter Guide is planned for the General Election. We have invited the County Charter Review Commission to include the list of drafted amendments with pros and cons as they will appear on the ballot.

Carol Bain, President
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