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Violence Prevention Committee to Meet

The first meeting of the recently reconvened Violence Prevention committee will take place in the League office on Tuesday, June, 27 at 12:00 noon. Discussion will be about the future. What will be our legislative agenda on women's rights, children's issues and reproductive health for next year? This year HB1242, clarifying the definition of abortion, passed with the governor's signature. HB2059 and SB2136, requiring hospitals to provide information on emergency contraception, and HB2060 and SB2139, regarding medically accurate sex information, failed. They will be back next year.

If we had an online voter's guide, what questions would we like to ask the candidates? How can this committee facilitate getting out the vote and increasing League membership?

In 1996 the Violence Prevention committee issued the Report Domestic Violence Family Court Monitoring followed in 1998, by the Report Domestic Violence Victim Safety in Hawaii.

How should we follow up on these?

After our initial meeting on June 27 we will host two brown bag lunches. At our first one, on Tuesday July 11, our guests will be Cindy Iannce Spencer, Director of Client & Community Services and Joanne Roberts, Advocate, both with the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse and Legal Hotline.

Guests at our second lunch on Tuesday, July 25, will be President Pamela Lichty, and Executive Director Jeanne Ohta of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii. They have asked League to consider a study on Hawaii's drug policies. The Texas League has recently completed such a study, and other Leagues, including Albuquerque and Seattle, are working on them.

Do join us for any or all of these meetings. Please call or e-mail me with any questions or comments. The phone number is 735-5998, or email Meisenzahl001@hawaii.rr.com

Suzanne Meisenzahl
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