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Chapter Report - Kauai

On July 4, the Kauai chapter operated a voter registration table at the Kauai Hospice Independence Day Fair, from 1 pm to 9 pm. We registered approximately 25 voters.

On June 19, the Kauai chapter held a general membership meeting open to the public. The agenda included discussion on voter education and outreach, including the activities below.

In addition to the League's ongoing voter registration drive and outreach, the chapter plans for voter education in 2006 include:

a. For the Primary Election

A Candidates Forum
U.S. House of Representatives,
Congressional District #2
Tuesday, September 5, 4:30 pm
Kaua`i War Memorial Convention Hall

The LWV Kauai County board met Monday, July 10 and discussed many important races occurring this election season. With the limited resources at the League's disposal, the board agreed that a public forum focusing on this national race was crucial for the primary election.

Invitations to all candidates for this race were mailed by certified letter July 26. It is hoped that all candidates, most of them from other islands, will take ad-vantage of this opportunity to communicate with our Kauai residents. Challenge: the Kauai League welcomes assistance with costs of organizing and coordinating a Candidate forum for Primary election. Estimated costs are $1460.

b. For the General Election:

Printed LWV Kauai County Voter Guides

This year, the Kauai chapter is coordinating a FREE non-partisan 2006 General Election Voter Guide published by The Honolulu Advertiser and coordinated by The League of Women Voters of Hawai`i (LWV) - Kaua`i Chapter. All Kaua`i candidates will be mailed an invitation to participate via certified letter and questionnaire. On October 27th , 2006 this LWV Voter Guide will be sent to 30,800 mailing addresses in this county, and The Honolulu Advertiser will produce an over run to allow Kaua`i League to distribute extra copies. This Voter Guide will be a free and useful resource for voters the last two weeks before the Nov. 7 General election. This LWV Voter Guide will include basic voting information, proposed County Charter Amendments, and candidate information. The candidate information will be comprised of provided biographical information, and answers to questions.

Carol Bain
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