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Report of Convention 2006 Action

The following motions were passed at the 2006 LWVUS Convention, held in Minneapolis:

Motion to adopt the LWVIL Death Penalty position by concurrence on the Convention floor. The position will read

"The LWVUS supports the abolition of the death penalty."

Mary Wilson, our new national president, said, "This issue, which passed overwhelmingly at Convention, is largely a state issue: a position reached by concurrence of the Convention delegates with the Illinois League position.." (This issue is a moot point for Hawaii as we have no death penalty.)

Motion to adopt the following resolution related to program requiring a voter-verified paper ballot or paper record with electronic voting systems:

LWVUS supports only voting systems that are designed so that:

1) they employ a voter-verifiable paper ballot or other paper record, said paper being the official record of the voter's intent; and

2) the voter can verify, either by eye or with the aid of suitable devices for those who have impaired vision, that the paper ballot/record accurately reflects his or her intent; and

3) such verification takes place while the voter is still in the process of voting; and

4) the paper ballot/record is used for audits and recounts; and

5) the vote totals can be verified by an independent hand count of the paper ballot/record; and

6) routine audits of the paper bal-lot/record in randomly selected precincts can be conducted in every election, and the results published by the jurisdiction."

Finally, LWVUS has a position supporting a voter-verified paper audit trail! Here in Hawaii our last Legislature mandated a paper audit trail. The Elections Division recently signed a contract with Hart InterCivic, which provided our electronic voting machines in 2004, to provide a paper trail for our upcoming election.

Motion to adopt the following resolution:

Elevate the restoration of our System of Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers to a top priority by specifically adding it to our Democracy Agenda for advocacy and education.

Denouncing the erosion of our System of Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers and the resulting damage to our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties, and call upon Congress to assume its vital role for oversight and as a co-equal branch of government responsive to the citizens its members represent.

Motion to amend the proposed program by adding: Resolved that the League of Women Voters of the United States sup-port the concept of Internet neutrality by calling upon Congress to protect equal access to the Internet.

League President Mary G. Wilson explained: "Net neutrality is a new concept which delegates found embodied in our LWVUS positions. As the Board and staff have begun to educate themselves about this topic, we are seeing a complex topic related to such issues as network technology, historical communications regulation, and bandwidth accessibility. These would have likely been the subject of a detailed League study in the past. Because the issues are coming before Congress as we speak, we recognize that we will need to find ways to educate our members about this issue so that you can take action on this resolution. This is being acted on as a national issue and I encourage all Leagues to be mindful that the League must speak with one voice on national issues. If you want to take action on this subject, please follow the established procedure by contacting our Grassroots Lobbyist, Angela Canterbury."

I would like to hear from any of our Hawaii members who have facts and/or opinions on this issue. I felt unprepared to vote on this matter at Convention, but it is before Congress now.

Motion to adopt a three year study of immigration policies. Board Member Carolie Mullan has been appointed to chair the Immigration Study Committee. She is seeking nominations now for League members to serve on the study committee. Mullan expects to have the committee in place and actively working before the October Board meeting to decide the exact scope of the study of this multi-faceted issue.

Please feel free to email her at carmelchai@aol.com if you want more information, or contact me at irviner002@hawaii.rr.com if you would like to serve.

Motion to retain all existing positions in the areas of Government, International Relations, Natural Resources, and Social Policy.

Sue Irvine
(with lots of help from national website)
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