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Affordable Shelter

The Governor and the Legislature are finally seriously acknowledging the need for affordable shelter, particularly rental properties. A cynic might say that this is because now their children can't find a reasonably priced place to live. For sure, one reason is that the definition of affordable housing has changed from housing for "poor" people to housing for workers.

"Workforce housing" is the new buzz word nationally as communities realize that the people they count on most - teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters, etc. - can no longer afford to live where they work. When you live on an island, that means nowhere.

Whatever the reasons, a flood of bills have been introduced and it is likely many will pass. To help us get a handle on what bills are the most important, I have volunteered to be on the Legislative Policy Committee for a new organization, Housing Hawaii. We will be presenting testimony as appropriate.

Jackie Parnell

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