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Chapter Reports: Kauai

Kauai League met Jan. 9, 2006 and February 13, 2006. A Transportation Study of the County of Kauai, which is being chaired by Althea McCleery, is ongoing. This committee has met several times with the Transportation Division at County Public Works. It is focusing on encouraging better public transportation and access.

Our annual meeting and luncheon has been scheduled for Saturday, April 22 and the topic is "Planning Ahead." We usually have a speaker and Beryl Blaich was suggested. Althea McCleery will report on proposed changes in League bylaws and policies. The projected budget and slate of officers as well as bylaw reforms must be formulated and sent out to members 30 days before the annual meeting.

The annual State League Council meeting is coming up in May. Carol Bain and Linda Harmon plan to attend. Linda Harmon will also be chairing voter registration outreach for 2006. The annual national League meeting will be held in June in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and LWV-Kauai has appointed Charee Watters chapter delegate for the 2006 national convention.

We are continuing to monitor the Kauai Charter Review Commission. Members are also assisting with a Freedom of Information Audit being conducted statewide with results to be published in conjunction with Sunshine Week.

Carol Bain,

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