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Gambling (HCALG) Report

The Pull Tab Machines that give tickets to insert into the sweepstakes machines have not yet been determined as "Gambling". The machines have expanded from just bars to restaurants and other establishments. Nationally, some states say it is gambling and others say it is not. The Liquor Commission heard testimony from a forensic gambling consultant and former FBI special agent on July 20, 2006 that the card IS a form of gambling. The Police Department is working with the Prosecuting Attorney and the Attorney General to submit a bill to the legislature declaring these cards and machines gambling and there for illegal. For further information The Honolulu Advertiser had an article "Vending machine gambling probed" on July 20th and The Star Bulletin had an article on July 21 "Commission (Liquor) forgoes ruling about phone cards.

The HCALG will be watching this closely and will be testifying on this bill when it comes up. They will be informing all members of the Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, such as the League of Women Voters, to support them at that time.

Grace Furukawa
LWV Liaison to the Coalition

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