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Chapter Reports - Honolulu

The Honolulu Board has continued on with its housekeeping agenda: Office procedures have been reviewed and revised, files have been cleaned out with the assistance of various members, and hardware and software needs are being reviewed with the help of Suzanne Meisenzahl. The Membership Committee, under the leadership of Theresa Lau and Robin Loomis, has sent out reminders regarding overdue dues payments, and they are updating the directory. As of November 2, 2006, the Honolulu chapter has 247 members. Individual Board members also were tasked to survey other members to determine what their interests and priorities were for the League and to discuss various ways they could assist and support the League. The results of the survey are to be discussed at the December meeting.

The Honolulu Charter amendments that were proposed were paraphrased and printed in The Aloha Voter. The League also noted its recommendations on the amendments in The Aloha Voter, which members have reported finding useful when they entered the voting booth.

The upcoming December 9th Honolulu Board meeting will be very informative, with Stephen Trussel doing a demonstration of how the League website works. Also, Cynthia Oi, a Star Bulletin columnist, will speak on investigative reporting in Hawaii. We have 56 attendees already signed up for the meeting and luncheon, a very successful way to close the year.

Piilani Kaopuiki

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