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LWV Maui Co-Chair Attends Newly-Created
UN Human Rights Council

Joshua Cooper attended the first ever United Nations Human Rights Council on June 19 in Geneva Switzerland. Cooper participated in advocating for the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The effort was successful, with the UN declaration being forwarded to the UN General Assembly for adoption in December.

Cooper also coordinated a peaceful march for indigenous peoples rights at the Opera House in San Francisco where the UN charter was drafted and adopted in June 1945. A final effort Cooper participated in was at the UN Human Rights Committee raising human rights concerns focusing on civil and political rights in Geneva in July.

Cooper worked at the national and international level to bring information back to Hawaii to assist in meeting the resolution demands passed by the Hawaii state Legislature asking for a report on the international instruments that Hawaii should adopt in the upcoming legislative session. The report encourages the promotion of CEDAW and CRC in 2007. If anyone is interested in working on these campaigns please be in contact with Joshua Cooper at

Joshua Cooper

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