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Outgoing State President, Sue Irvine, Convention Speaker Mazie Hirono, State President Jackie Parnell

At its biennial Convention on April 28, State League adopted three new studies and confirmed its ongoing program for the coming biennium. One study, to be conducted under the direction of Suzanne Meisenzahl, and under the auspices of the Committee on Women's Health and Safety, will address drug-related policies in various parts of the country and elsewhere; and a second one, to be headed by Jean Aoki, will explore the need for a constitutional convention in 2010 (see article on page 2).

Studies to be continued include one on PEG access under the direction of Carol Bain; the study on public school governance in Hawaii, under the direction of Mary Anne Raywid; and a comparative study of systems of voting, under the direction of Jean Aoki.

The assistance of anyone interested in working on any of these studies would be warmly welcomed. Please contact the individual directing the study.

The Convention speaker was Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, who gave a luncheon address focusing on her experience as a beginning member of the U.S. House of Representatives. She charmed her audience with a brief informative, yet informal talk that included a number of human interest asides -- such as the report that Patsy Mink had once told then-new Representative Nancy Pelosi that one day she would be Speaker of the House, and that her (Hirono's) apartment is just two blocks from her office, and that she has already learned to sleep sitting up, on the long plane ride between Washington and Honolulu. And then, for about 45 minutes, she answered the numerous questions put to her by an enthusiastic audience.

It was an informative and enjoyable session.

Mary Anne Raywid

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