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Con Con 2010 - Yes or No? (Jean Aoki)
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Chapter Reports - Kauai (Carol Bain)

President's Message

Another year, another election, and I am pleased to be the new president of the LWVHI. Kudos to Sue Irvine for the excellent job she has done. I am fortunate that she agreed to be Vice-President and can help me follow through on ongoing projects. Diana Cummings continues as our stalwart Treasurer. We welcome Ann Shaver as Secretary (Ann is a new member as well as new to the Board). Also joining the Board as elected Directors are Sue Miller (also Vice-President of Honolulu) and Valere McFarland.  Sue will head the Budget Committee and Valere will co-chair Education with Mary Anne Raywid. At its first meeting after the convention, the Board approved Pearl Johnson as chair of the Environment Committee. Other appointments will be made at the next Board meeting In August. If you have a special interest in the work of any of the committees (or anything else), please let me know at jparnell1@hawaiiantel.net.

Things may be a bit slow through the summer but we can guarantee they will pick up steam as we head into fall and on into 2008. We have the Legislature to watch and proposed constitutional amendments to analyze as we head into an election year. Also to be decided in 2008 is whether we should have a constitutional convention in 2010.  This will be a biggie:  Everyone can think of a reason to have one and an equally good reason not to have it.  Jean Aoki is going to head up the study on this issue. See her article in this issue and be sure to let her know your thoughts.

My number one goal for my two-year term is to ensure that the State League not only has sufficient funding to do its job but also continues to have it for the foreseeable future. We need more and better kinds of fundraisers including some where contributions can be earmarked for education and are thus tax-deductible.

Jackie Parnell

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