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Honolulu League Strongly Opposing Rail (Pearl Johnson)
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Drug Policy Study (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Ah Jook Ku
Tennessee Really Makes it Hard! (Jean Aoki)
In Support of the LWV-HI (Jackie Parnell)
League Immigration Policy (Jackie Parnell)
Iron-Jawed Angels Fundraiser (Jackie Parnell & Mary Anne Raywid)
Hawaii Chapter Report (Leilani Bronson-Crelly & Sue Dursin)
Kauai Chapter Report
Honolulu Chapter Report (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Website Update - - the first year (Stephen Trussel)

Ah Jook Ku

Longtime Leaguer Ah Jook Ku died on August 6. Since she had been active  in many community efforts and was known for her "dedication and selfless public service," there were a number of newspaper articles and editorials about her considerable contribution. According to UH Journalism Professor Beverly Keever, who spoke at the memorial service for Ah Jook, she was the first Asian-American journalist and the first woman journalist to be hired by the Associated Press -- and later, by the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Ah Jook was one of the founders of the Honolulu Community-Media Council and served as its executive director for 27 years, retiring in 2002 at 92. Throughout her career, she fought for open government -- open both as to its dealings and its records.
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