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Con Con Study Committee Reports

The members of the League Con Con Study Committee are almost ready to begin their interviewing of knowledgeable people -- elected officials, agency heads, scholars, community leaders, leaders of non-profit organizations, public and private unions, and others to gather opinions on whether a constitutional convention should be convened Our aim is to talk with as many people as we can, from as many backgrounds as possible to get an accurate picture of the felt need for a revision of our constitution, and also of the pent up desires of our citizenry for a wholesale review of our constitution

We have a good group working to finalize our plans and start the interviewing process. We need one more meeting to accommodate the people who could not make it to our last meeting held August 31, because some substantive changes were suggested and we had a good exchange on how to keep our interviews as objective as possible and avoid leading even to the perception of having been skewed to bring about certain results. By the time you read this, we will most probably be in that action phase

We really could use more of our members participating in some way on this project. 

It could be as a member of some interview team, or doing clerical work -- filing things, helping copy reports, compiling and stapling, labeling binders, or typing addresses onto envelopes, readying reports for mailing to our members. If you have even a half day per week that you can dedicate to helping us, please call the office. For members of our neighbor island Leagues, please call your League presidents if you can spend some time interviewing members of your community. By the time this issue of the Ka Leo Hana reaches you, they will be fully informed on our interview guidelines. . We really need to hear from our neighbor islanders to get the complete picture.

The timeline for our study group is as follows

End of January 2008 - All questionnaires should be in

February First two weeks - Working group to compile the survey questionnaires and then prepare that part of the whole committee report addressing the survey results.

March - The committee report, "Facts and & Issues on Proposed Con Con" should be distributed to all members by the middle of March.

April - Local League consensus meetings.

May - State Council and Board Meeting. Decision on position on Con Con.

June - If we take a position pro or con, position paper to be written.

Plan for wide distribution of paper, plan for advocacy, Ed Fund to plan for education of the public on the pros and cons separate from the work of the advocacy group.

July thru October - Implement Action Plans

Jean Aoki

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