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Honolulu Chapter Report

  1. Membership as of May 1, 2007. Teresa Lau, has worked diligently to scrub our roster. She has contacted members and now has identified the status of each member. Thanks Teresa.

  2. Transportation – Pearl Johnson is working on an idea to hold a community meeting between transportation engineers to discuss congestion solutions for Northeast Oahu. Charles Carole solicited input from League members concerning shifting the State Highways division to the island counties. Very little response or interest has been received. Kudos to Charles, who was elected as the new chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization.

  3. Voter Service – Honolulu is looking forward to the 2008 Election. Arlene Ellis is leading our continuing efforts to register voters, and to all the other related activities.

  4. Vote Count – Honolulu League solicits names of organizations that would like to utilize our vote count service. Anyone with information is invited to call the League office at 531-7448.

  5. Honolulu housekeeping: Three new computers are now up and running in the office. Members are invited to use them in their League work.

  6. New Directories: Thank you, Jackie Parnell, for printing the July 2007 membership directory. Members should already have received them at their mailing address.

Piilani Kaopuiki

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