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League Immigration Policy

In October of 2006, the LWV-US Board approved a study on immigration with the following scope:

* Underlying values and principles regarding immigration

* Reasons for migration from other countries, including but not limited to:

Effects of global interdependence on migration

Motivation of refugees and asylees

Motivation of other immigrants

* Current federal immigration policy, including but not limited to:


Effectiveness in uniting families

Effectiveness in meeting needs of businesses

Effectiveness of enforcement

Human rights concerns

* Impact of immigration, including but not limited to:

Economic effects of authorized and unauthorized immigration


Inclusion of immigrants in American society

The study has been completed and it is now time for us, as members of local leagues, to educate ourselves and decide what our national league policy should be. Please go to our web site ( for a link to National or go directly to the National site ( and look for "Immigration Policy."

League members have done the research and written eight background papers addressing such topics as family reunification, effects on jobs and the economy, and enforcement issues. After all the hype and hyperbole coming out of Washington on this subject, it is refreshing to read sane, solid analysis of the issues. I highly recommend it.

For you without computers, we will print out all the information at the office. You can either drop by to read or we will arrange somehow for you to get it. Check with your local League President.

Jackie Parnell

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