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Chapter Reports - Kauai

On Saturday, November 3, 11 am to 3 pm the LWV of Kaua`i County held a general membership meeting. The meeting was held at the home of League member GG Shanley, 224 Lulo Road, Wailua houselots.

The meeting was attended by Carol Bain, Lisa Ellen Smith, Althea McCleery, Linda Harmon, Mary Stone, Susan Wilson, Edee Seymour, Cheree Watters, Eve Solomon, GG Shanley and Rhea Palma.

The agenda included a discussion of the 2008 Con Con Study. The Oahu Chapter is conducting an update study for the upcoming 2008 Con Con. Carol Bain provided an overview of the history of the last study on the Constitutional Convention and presented updates for the study as found on the Hawaii League website authored by Jean Aoki.

There was also a review of Kauai Chapter's Historic League Documents. Rhea Palma, who has assisted the Kauai Chapter for many years has offered her experience in historical records collection. Our goal is to gather all the League photos, identify the people in them, and further gather all newsletters, letters, articles and other historical records for indexing. When these tasks are done, the Kauai Historical Society has agreed to house the records. Our next task is to meet with Jenny Yukimura at her home as she also has League records and photos. Our League chapter is grateful to Rhea 822-0540, who has agreed to lead this effort. Call her if you have any Kauai League photos or records to share.

Additional Items:

Co-president Lisa Ellen Smith has offered to edit the next Kauai Voter chapter newsletter in December.

As 2008 is an election year, discussion was held on whether our chapter will coordinate another Kaua`i Voter Guide. The feedback we received from other chapters and from National is to exclude advertising, so the cost of publication will be a challenge. A meeting on this topic with the local newspapers is advised.

Carol Bain and Lisa Ellen Smith

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